Sunday, December 14, 2008

Taylor's Coconut Crisis, Devin's Tattoo & Texas

What a week! Devin's mom & step dad came out for his birthday and we had a great time. Devin and Donni decided to quit talking about getting tattoos for his birthday and finally did it. They look good - although I think Dev's looks a little phallic, check out the pic and you decide. He says it looks like a female anatomy from his view. It is actually the word "why" in Farsi and mirrored. He loves it - he would.

Taylor came home from her best friend's house on Wednesday with a fat lip and crying. After repeatedly asking what happened, she finally stopped crying long enough to tell us that she got hit the face with a coconut. What? How do you get hit by a coconut in Virginia? Apparently, Jaelyn and Taylor wanted to see if a coconut could bounce. It seems that it cannot - but it can give you a fat lip. These two girls are SO BLONDE!!!

Wednesday we got orders to Fort Bliss Texas. We report to the Mexican border city of El Paso the end of June. I guess our beach run is over for a while - White Sands New Mexico is close by, but I don't think we will be able to convince Taylor it is the same. So to drown our sorrows we went to the pub with a bunch of friends to see our favorite Irish Drinking Band, cuz we are pretty sure that they don't have Irish pubs in Mexico - I mean Texas.