Sunday, December 14, 2008

Taylor's Coconut Crisis, Devin's Tattoo & Texas

What a week! Devin's mom & step dad came out for his birthday and we had a great time. Devin and Donni decided to quit talking about getting tattoos for his birthday and finally did it. They look good - although I think Dev's looks a little phallic, check out the pic and you decide. He says it looks like a female anatomy from his view. It is actually the word "why" in Farsi and mirrored. He loves it - he would.

Taylor came home from her best friend's house on Wednesday with a fat lip and crying. After repeatedly asking what happened, she finally stopped crying long enough to tell us that she got hit the face with a coconut. What? How do you get hit by a coconut in Virginia? Apparently, Jaelyn and Taylor wanted to see if a coconut could bounce. It seems that it cannot - but it can give you a fat lip. These two girls are SO BLONDE!!!

Wednesday we got orders to Fort Bliss Texas. We report to the Mexican border city of El Paso the end of June. I guess our beach run is over for a while - White Sands New Mexico is close by, but I don't think we will be able to convince Taylor it is the same. So to drown our sorrows we went to the pub with a bunch of friends to see our favorite Irish Drinking Band, cuz we are pretty sure that they don't have Irish pubs in Mexico - I mean Texas.


Friday, November 21, 2008

First Post

The pressure....of the first blog. It needs to be interesting, quirky, insightful and amusing. That me in a nutshell! Ha! So here I can post the rambling, OCD, random thoughts that pop into my head. And here it will be published, for all the world to see. Wow.

So the purpose of this blog is to keep everyone posted on the family von Glaser. The kids are getting so big and busy that they may need to start their own blogs so I can keep up with them! As it stands now, Andrew, Taylor & Brandon are playing Mario Party 8 on the Wii and Devin is out getting me some Diet Pepsi. Oh!! He's back! Yeah - I need a DP! Now you are up to speed.

It's COLD outside. The wind blows in off the water and hits us like a ton of freezing bricks. I guess I shouldn't complain, we can walk to the beach, but it makes for a cold winter!! People have their Christmas lights up....what is that all about? The turkey's haven't even been butchered yet? The kids wanted to go to the drive thru light display on the boardwalk tonight, but I Bah Humbugged that - it is not Christmas time until next friday!! There is still Halloween candy in the house and costumes balled up in the closet. I am NOT ready for this. I guess last year I didn't notice it coming so early and if I did I didn't mind. At that point, I just wanted 2007 to be over and to be a family again. This year, I could care less about the tree and presents, I am just glad we will all be together. I wish that all Mommies and Daddies could be with thier families this year - War is Hell! It is really hard to see the families around here missing a loved one, and it is worse during the holidays. Watching Christmas morning on the grainy webcam just isn't the same.

So I guess that's it for now. I just got a letcture about what I can and can't say in this blog. My husband is SOOOOO anal about some things. Like Osama is reading this. Whatever, he's a good soldier and I love him. But does he think I am going to post the location of secret dolphins with lasers on their heads or what? Ugh...Army life!